Here's our attempt to cover all the basics of the Carroll County Hackathon experience. If you have more questions, please contact Amy Rupp, Executive Director of MAGIC at or (443) 759-0480.

Do I have to have a team to participate?

No! You are welcome to register as an individual. We will do our best to make sure that everyone finds a team. Teams form on the first night of Hackathon Weekend. The ideal team size is 3-5 people.

Are hackathons just for techies?

No! In order to design, build, and pitch an app you'll need more than just technical skills on a team. An ideal team will have 1-2 people with each of the following skill sets: Software Development, Marketing/Business, and Graphic Design/Creative.

What if I've never built an app?

That's okay! The Carroll County Hackathon is a beginner-level experience. It's a safe place for you to learn. The workshop will give you a crash course in app development.

Do I have to stay and work through the night during the Hackathon Weekend?

That's a great question. We expect some teams will and others won't. MAGIC is only providing supervised work hours on Friday (5:30-9pm), Saturday (8am-9pm) and Sunday (8am - 5pm). Arrangements to work on your project after hours will have to be made independently.

Do I have to attend the Hackathon Workshop to participate in the Hackathon Weekend?

The short answer is no. HOWEVER, attendance at the workshop is strongly recommended for all participants.

To compete in the Hackathon Weekend, does every member of my team have to be present for ALL work hours?

No. We understand that students have a lot going on. If a team member(s) has to spend some time away from the Hackathon Weekend, that won't disqualify them your team from competition.

Will there be people to help us throughout the Hackathon Weekend?

Yes. Mentors and coaches will be available during all scheduled work hours. There will also be online support available through MAGIC's Slack community.